As with all the states across the country, drivers in Massachusetts are required to obtain a driver’s license before they can legally operate a vehicle. In order to do so, they are typically required to pass a written test and a driving test. These tests are to ensure that drivers are aware of the law and can operate a vehicle safely. Driver’s licenses may be revoked at any time if a person violates certain traffic laws. This is done in order to protect the safety of other drivers on the road.

A 20-year-old Massachusetts woman who was driving without a license caused the deaths of two bicyclists in Hampton recently. This tragic car accident was made even more tragic by the fact that the woman had been stopped just hours before by police on the same bridge where the collision occurred. She was stopped at 12:45 in the morning for going 29 mph over the speed limit. She told authorities that she did not have a license when they asked for it. She was given a summons and told that she needed to have someone come and pick her up.

The fact that she was stopped by police did not stop the woman from driving. Later that morning, at around 8:30, she was driving along the same bridge when she veered into the opposite lane and hit a group of bicyclists head-on. Two bicyclists, ages 60 and 52, were killed, and two others, ages 60 and 54, were injured and required hospitalization.

The family of the bicyclists who died in this accident and those who were injured would be well advised to speak with an attorney about filing a lawsuit against this woman who acted so carelessly that day.

Source: The Salem News, “Seabrook woman in fatal crash drover without license,” Dave Rogers, Sep. 24, 2013

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