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If you have been injured in an auto accident, denied Social Security Disability, injured at work, or if you have other legal concerns, our attorneys are ready to talk to you. The initial consultation is free. Our law firm has provided experienced, caring, responsive service in the Merrimack Valley since 1946.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Pays The Medical Bills?

If You Are Injured in a Massachusetts-Insured Car
If you were injured in an automobile accident while you occupied a Massachusetts-insured car, the law requires procedures for payment of your medical bills.

If You Are Injured in a New Hampshire-Insured Car
Payment of bills in this situation is much easier. Usually, an Automobile insured in New Hampshire carries medical payment insurance which covers the medical bills of occupants up to a stated limit.

In either case you should always discuss these issues with your attorney in order to maximize your recovery and protect your rights.

I Slipped & Fell in the Grocery Store, Who is Responsible?

In a supermarket, dried lettuce on the floor, a smashed grape or a leak from a refrigeration unit may cause a slip and fall. Should the victim have seen the problem? Did the manager have sufficient time to clean up the problem? Was the hazard allowed to exist for a long period of time?

Your personal injury attorney can help you understand whether you have a case of premises liability, no liability, or shared liability (comparative negligence).

I Fell Off Scaffolding at Work, Who is Responsible?

A few major reasons for construction accidents are defective equipment and unsafe work practices. If either of those reasons caused your injuries, talk to a personal injury lawyer about your roof, ladder or scaffolding accident.

Scaffolding Accident: A scaffolding platform erected by the general contractor collapsed, seriously injuring all the workers on the scaffolding.

Roof Accident: A subcontractor failed to place barriers at the edge of a roof. A worker fell several stories.

Ladder Accident: A contractor in a hurry told a worker to carry supplies up a ladder that had not been properly secured. The worker fell and suffered serious injury.

Our investigation will look into all causes of the accident.

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