Last night our region was hit by yet another snowfall. Although we didn’t get nearly as much as we expected, sanding crews have been out today in Andover spreading liquid magnesium on the streets to keep drivers safe. An Eagle-Tribune report said Methuen also sent sanding trucks out last night. Fortunately, there were no serious car accidents last night. However, that does not mean the possibility does not exist.

Car accidents are all too common when winter weather hits. Not only do drivers have to look out for pedestrians, as we discussed in a post two weeks ago, but they also have to look out for each other and be sure to drive in a manner that is appropriate for conditions. Going too fast or taking sharp turns can cause a driver to lose control of his or her vehicle, possibly leading to a car accident.

If you end up being hit by a car during winter weather, you may think that the weather is to blame, not the other driver. However, if you were injured, you should know that the other driver may have contributed to the crash. Driving too fast for conditions or driving recklessly can cause a car accident that might otherwise not have happened, even with bad weather conditions. If this was the case, it may be appropriate to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

There is a winter weather advisory in effect for our area until midnight tonight. Although we have warmer temperatures today, we are expected to get more snow tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully, drivers in our area will do their best to operate their vehicles safely through the difficult conditions.

Source: Eagle-Tribune, “Late storm makes for a slippery night,” Jill Harmacinski, Feb. 25, 2013

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