One of the last things parents ever wants to imagine is their child getting injured. Parents, however, are not always in direct control of their children. They send their children to school or extracurricular activities, where they expect other adults to watch over them. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances, like a car accident, can cause injuries to children. Several parents experienced what this feels like earlier today in Haverhill.

According to the Eagle-Tribune, a Haverhill Public Schools van was transporting multiple special-needs students to the Pentucket Lake Elementary School when it was rear-ended by another vehicle. The van was stopped because of traffic at the time of the collision. It’s not clear if the driver who caused the collision will face charges.

The Haverhill Fire Department responded to the accident and took four children and the bus monitor to Merrimack Valley Hospital. They received medical attention as a precaution, but it is not clear if any of the children were injured. The Eagle-Tribune reported that both the bus driver and the monitor were uninjured.

A situation like this can be very overwhelming for parents. Even if their child seems to be uninjured, rear-end collisions have a tendency to cause injuries that appear over time, such as neck and back injuries. And even if their child is uninjured, parents may now be stuck with a huge bill for an ambulance ride and emergency care — costs that many parents cannot afford. Circumstances like this, however, are why personal injury laws exist in Massachusetts. An experienced attorney can help parents whose children have been injured in a car accident seek compensation through a personal injury claim.

Source: The Eagle-Tribune, “Four children were taken to hospital as Haverhill special needs van is rear-ended on Main Street,” March 13, 2013

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