Essex County grocery stores and shopping centers see hundreds if not thousands of customers a day. Not only must retailers work hard to maintain relationships with consumers by keeping costs low and selling high-quality products, but they must also constantly ensure that their property is free and clear of any hazards. Slippery stairs, defective escalators and wet floors are only a few of the hazardous conditions that property owners must watch out for in order to safeguard their customers from accidents. When accidents occur due to an inadequately maintained property, unsuspecting customers can end up facing serious injury and significant medical expenses.

One woman is asking for reimbursement for her medical expenses, among other compensation, after allegedly falling at a multi-national retail corporation. According to a premises liability lawsuit filed against the retailer, a wet floor was said to be the cause of an accident in which the woman claims she was disfigured. The plaintiff alleges that the store failed to properly alert customers of a liquid spill and that other individuals had previously walked through it. It is unclear if the plaintiff was the only person who was injured as a result of the hazardous conditions believed to be present at the store.

Victims who suffer at the hands of a Massachusetts property owner’s neglect might be able to seek solace in speaking with an attorney to guide them through the various premises liability laws. In many cases they may be able to recover lost wages, medical expenses and other forms of compensation incurred as a result of their accident.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Jasper County woman sues after slip and fall at store,” Michelle Keahey, July 14, 2013

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