On Tuesday afternoon, a serious truck accident occurred on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Three vehicles were involved in the collision that left two needing medical attention.

When a Massachusetts collision involves a truck, the results can be devastating. The monstrous vehicles can leave a wake of destruction in their path if they somehow get off course. If other cars are in the way, it can lead to serious injuries that can be very expensive to treat. For this reason, accident victims should make sure to understand exactly who or what caused an accident. This information can be extremely helpful should they choose to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Fortunately, no one in Tuesday’s crash was seriously injured. However, it does seem clear that one vehicle caused the crash. Massachusetts State Police said that a car that was driving in front of the tractor-trailer left its lane and hit a guardrail. It was pushed back onto the Turnpike and into the truck’s path. The truck jackknifed, and its trailer swung out across all three lanes. A car that was traveling behind it could not stop in time and crashed into the truck. The vehicle became stuck under the trailer.

As of right now, police are still investigating the accident, so charges have not been filed. The absence of criminal charges, however, does not eliminate the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit. When a car accident is caused by a negligent driver, the victims should not end up burdened with medical debt. A successful personal injury lawsuit can result in compensation for medical bills and other expenses related to a car accident.

Source: North of Boston, “Everett driver & Malden passenger lodged under tanker truck in Mass Pike crash,” March 20, 2013

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