Working on a road construction team in Massachusetts can be a dangerous job. Not only are you often required to operate heavy machinery, but jobs are often located on busy roads. Working on a freeway or highway can be particularly hazardous because of the speed at which motorists are traveling. It doesn’t take much; it can be as simple as one driver becoming distracted to cause a fatal accident.

A Massachusetts truck driver appears to be in hot water after crashing into a construction vehicle in Connecticut recently. Luckily, neither the truck driver nor the construction truck’s driver appeared to be seriously injured, but they were hospitalized in order to be fully evaluated.

The collision occurred around 2:30 p.m. on a highway where the construction truck was performing road work. Why the semi-truck crashed into the truck is unknown, but it caused quite a mess. The truck and trailer rolled and its cargo of champagne spilled all over the road. It took authorities nearly five and a half hours to clean up the debris and reopen all of the highway’s northbound lanes. Despite being hit by a semi, the construction truck miraculously only sustained moderate damage.

This accident could have been much worse. Both men were lucky to walk away without being seriously hurt. The construction worker may wish to speak with an attorney about the accident. He may be entitled to compensation for his medical bills and the pain and suffering he endured as a result of this crash.

Source: Waterford Patch, “Motorists On Ice Yesterday When Champagne Truck Crashed,” Jayne Keedle, Sep. 19, 2013

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