When accidents occur between commercial trucks and automobiles, it can be easy to blame the trucks. However, it is not always the truck driver’s fault. According to a state police trooper who works in Commercial Vehicle Enforcement in Massachusetts, most accidents along Route 24 are caused by cars rather than semi-trucks.

The 41-mile stretch of road is known for its propensity for serious accidents, especially for those involving tractor trailers. This may be due to the excessive speeds drivers use and motorists cutting off big rigs and driving in their blind spots. Trucks typically have at least four spots where they are unable to see other cars on the road. Motorists who stay in these blind spots put themselves and the trucker at risk. The blind spots include both sides of the cab and directly in front and back of the truck.

One 35-year truck driving veteran says that Route 24 is one of the most dangerous roads he’s ever driven on. The number of truck accidents that have occurred in the first few months of this year attest to that. There have been a total of eight crashes that have involved semi –trucks. The trucker said he feels like people speeding and not paying attention are the main factors in the accidents.

If you have been involved in an accident on Route 24 or elsewhere in the state, you may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney to determine your right to compensation for any injuries you may have sustained in the collision.

Source: The Enterprise, “Route 24 ‘horror show’ for truckers,” Benjamin Paulin, April 20, 2014

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