Our client was a pedestrian walking to his brother’s apartment in Boston and crossing Commonwealth Avenue when he was struck by a passing car causing serious injuries and head trauma. There were no witnesses. The car hit him while he was in the roadway and then fled the scene. Fortunately, our client was part of a household where his parents owned a car and had uninsured coverage. We were unable to find a video of the incident. However, we were able to show that based on where he landed and where debris of the collision occurred, that he was most likely in the crosswalk at the time of the collision. The client had no memory of the incident due to his severe injuries. We were able to successfully argue that there was a presumption on the part of the driver of liability because he fled the scene to avoid responsibility. Between that and the placement of the client at the time of the collision, we were able to successfully recover significant compensation for medical bills, injury, and future expenses.

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