Reckless driving in Essex County can take on many forms such as racing, distracted driving and driving at excessive speeds. In all cases, reckless driving puts others in danger as a result of wild and thoughtless actions and can result in hazardous and fatal injuries.

A North Adams woman was killed and five others were injured after a man allegedly tried to commit suicide by crashing into the woman’s car. The accused motorist is facing charges of acting recklessly and consequently bringing about the death of another.

Police claim that the man crossed out of his lane and into oncoming traffic and caused a head-on collision. He suffered major injuries to his arms and legs. The woman immediately died and a passenger she was carrying, a man who she was dating, is still being treated for his serious injuries. His current condition remains unknown at this time.

A third vehicle was also involved. No catastrophic injuries were reported after they hit the man’s vehicle following the initial car accident.

The actions of one person can cause so much distress in the lives of others. If the passenger lives, he may have permanent disabilities. He may also experience pain and suffering for the loss of a loved one and the damages that he has physically suffered.

Furthermore, even though the individuals in the third vehicle did not experience bodily harm, they still may be able to seek compensation for the property damage that was inflicted on them by the man’s negligent action of crossing over the lane and causing an accident.

Source: Post Star, “Hebron man charged with manslaughter for July fatal crash,” Don Lehman, August 22, 2013

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