Most motorcycle riders accept the fact that they are more vulnerable to sustaining injuries than other motorists. After all, motorcycles provide little in the way of padding or safety devices in the event of being involved in a collision. That is why it is up to motorcycle riders to be proactive about understanding not only how accidents happen, but also what they can do to help prevent becoming an injury victim.

According to Rider Groups, there are three primary causes of motorcycle collisions. Vehicle failure and/or malfunction are attributed to causing a small percentage of motorcycle collisions every year. Issues like poor motorcycle maintenance and part defects can contribute to dangerous conditions for motorcycle riders, so they are encouraged to perform all necessary repairs and maintenance on their bikes before taking to the road. There are other factors that play a significant role in accident rates as well.

Speeding and rider inexperience or error plays a significant role in single-vehicle motorcycle accidents. Around 25 percent of motorcycle accidents do not involve other vehicles and often revolve around motorcycles colliding with objects or obstacles on the road. It is for that reason that all motorcycle riders are advised to practice driving defensively and in inclement conditions.

However, the leading cause of motorcycle accidents in the U.S. is being involved in a collision with another vehicle. These types of incidents occur in a little over 60 percent of cases and are often due to negligence on the part of other motorists. When it comes to motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles, Ride Apart explains that many painful injury incidents are caused by vehicles’ failure to yield for motorcycles. For instance, the vast majority of collisions happen when vehicles turn left in front of motorcycles at intersections without taking proper precautions. Another major issue is that some cars proceed to change lanes without confirming that space is clear. Therefore, it is recommended that motorcyclists always anticipate the moves of surrounding vehicles and provide themselves with the space they need to avoid dangerous situations.

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