Tractor-trailer drivers have a large responsibility to transport goods across Essex County, delivering them to stores, distributors, and suppliers. However, sometimes commercial drivers forget that they are driving an extremely large vehicle and allow things like truck driver fatigue, high speed and distraction to interfere with their task. This can result in a collision that leaves someone seriously injured or even deceased.

A man was taken to a hospital after being in a truck accident in Methuen on Interstate 495. There was not a lot of information released about the accident itself except that it involved a tractor-trailer and a van. The man may have been the driver of the van since the driver’s door on the vehicle was greatly damaged, but nothing has been confirmed.

The two vehicles were sitting on the median of the highway after colliding. It is unknown how exactly the crash happened to take place but the accident is being investigated by law enforcement. There is also no word on whether any citations will be given out to the truck driver or if authorities have any type of theory on the accident itself.

People who are injured in an 18-wheeler accident often face a long road of recovery. Sometimes, the injuries are so severe that a person could be left permanently disabled. This can create a huge burden financially, emotionally and mentally for victims and their families. Talking with an experienced attorney may provide people with options and help them seek appropriate compensation that can assist them in rebuilding their lives.

Source: Eagle-Tribune, “Van, tractor-trailer collide on I-495; one injured,” Douglas Moser, Oct. 9, 2013

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