It can be argued that there is no car accident that is quite as despicable as that of a hit-and-run. In the state of Massachusetts, much like elsewhere in the United States, drivers involved in a car accident are required by law to stop, and at the very least exchange information with each other. If injuries are sustained, those involved should seek medical attention and stay on the scene until help arrives. It is not only a common courtesy but one that is enforced by officers of the law.

Authorities are still searching for the driver of a car that was involved in a hit-and-run in Brockton, Massachusetts recently. Although no one was reported injured in the crash, according to the description of the accident, the vehicles involved likely sustained serious damages.

The accident occurred around 10:30 p.m. when a person who was driving a stolen car did not stop at a stop sign and crashed into a Hyundai traveling on French Avenue. The driver of the stolen car did not stop, but tried to drive away. Instead, he or she hit a parked car. Perhaps the damages done to the car were too substantial to allow it to be driven, because the driver got out of the car and ran away on foot.

The driver of the Hyundai may wish to seek out the advice of a knowledgeable accident attorney. Doing so may enable him or her to receive proper compensation for the damage done to the vehicle in this accident.

Source: Enterprise News, “Person flees Brockton crash, leaves stolen car,” Aug. 26, 2013

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