All Massachusetts drivers are susceptible to the actions of other people while on the road. If another car makes a wrong move, it can affect all surrounding vehicles. This is especially true for anyone riding a motorcycle. The size and maneuverability of motorcycles make it easy for them to go unnoticed by even the best of drivers. A motorcycle accident is a particularly serious event, as riders are exposed to the full force of a collision while on the back of a bike.

After an accident, it is expected that everyone involved will stop, assess the situation and provide assistance to those that need it. Immediately leaving the scene of an accident is not only likely against the law, but it also means the driver is effectively abandoning potentially injured people on the side of the road.

A driver allegedly left two critically injured individuals in a marsh after colliding with their motorcycle when both vehicles reportedly turned at the same time in different lanes. It is unknown what kind of injuries the motorcyclist and the passenger suffered or whether they will survive the crash.

When a hit-and-run accident takes place, the police may initiate a search to find the driver that did not pull over to help or exchange insurance information. Motorcycle accidents frequently cause serious injuries to anyone riding the bike, so it is conceivable that other drivers would be aware of how important it is to stop after crashing into one. Bikers injured in a motorcycle collision may want to contact an attorney for assistance in seeking compensation.

Source: wcbv, “Search on for Mass. car involved in motorcycle hit-and-run in N.H.,” June 27, 2013

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