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Finbury and Sullivan P.C. will be winding down its law practice prior to 2023; during this transition, it will remain open on a reduced scale. Both Attorneys John Finbury and Dan Finbury are retiring from the firm. Attorney John Sullivan retired in 2018; Attorney Cavan Boyle relocated his practice and family to Rochester, New York in August, and Attorney Gina Dussi will be exploring her options. Katherine Corthell will be bringing her considerable paralegal talents to a fortunate new law practice.

We will try personally to contact the majority of clients with open cases in our firm in order to arrange for new attorney representation. You may hire any attorney you wish, or we can recommend attorneys for you as we have assembled a group of fine lawyers to assist with this transition. Many of you already know that your specific case is being actively worked upon by us, and those claims will continue to be retained and addressed by the firm; if you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

File storage and retention procedures are important issues when closing a law practice and we are adopting the following course of action. We are sending this closing letter to all clients whom we have represented in the past seven years as well as all those who have stored a Will and/or probate file with the firm since 1990. If you want your file and/or your original Will please contact the office before Thanksgiving to arrange for such transfer. If you want your file destroyed, please timely advise us in writing. If we do not hear from you, please know that we will follow the practice guidelines for legal file retention recommended by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and will keep most files in storage for seven years after which time they will be destroyed. Our storage of wills and other files which require a longer shelf life (e.g. probate, structured settlements and selected others) will be maintained indefinitely. You will be able to reach us at the address and phone number listed on this letter until the end of 2022.

This is a profound transition for us all but there does come a time for all things. Our father, Herbert Finbury, began practicing law in his hometown Haverhill in 1947 upon his return from service in the Pacific naval campaigns of WWII, and he practiced his unique blend of fierce and compassionate law up until the time of his passing in 2001. We have proudly carried on the law practice he founded and now we too acknowledge the wisdom of Ecclesiastes: “To everything there is a season.”

It has been the privilege and honor of our family to have served our community for 75 years. We thank you for putting your faith in us, and remain,

Very truly yours,


Daniel Finbury
John Finbury

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