For those who work in a potentially hazardous work environment in Essex County, Massachusetts, special care and considerations must be taken. In these situations, employers have a duty to their employees to make sure they are properly educated on the dangers and safety precautions.

A fire at a resin and coating manufacturing company in Wilmington, Massachusetts on March 13 left two workers injured. The two employees were mixing chemicals with a resin in a container when it is believed that the vapors were ignited by static electricity. This incident was considered to be a flash fire, a fire that is very hot and moves quickly, but does not last long. A flash fire is caused when a flammable substance disperses and mixes with air and then is ignited.

The Massachusetts State Fire Marshall, OSHA and the Wilmington Fire Department and police responded to the scene after receiving the call for help at 7:36 a.m. The State Fire Marshall determined the fire was accidental. OSHA is conducting an investigation into the fire. If they determine negligence played a part in the accident, they may issue citations.

One of the employees who was involved in the accident was found injured and without a shirt and was taken by helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital. His condition is not known at this point.

The two employees who were injured in the flash fire may be entitled to workers’ compensation. They may wish to consult with an attorney experienced in personal injury law in order to determine if they have a case.

Source: Wilmington Town Crier, “Two men injured in flash fire,” Jon Bishop, Mar. 15, 2014