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If a slippery surface or some other hazard causes a slip and fall accident or trip and fall accident, who is responsible for the damages? If the property owner knew about the hazard and failed to take action, the owner may be liable for any injuries. Talk to a lawyer about your accident. Call the Finbury, Sullivan law firm in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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In some cases, the property owner and the injured person may share the liability for damages — one for allowing a hazard to exist, the other for not taking appropriate care. Your personal injury attorney can help you understand whether you have a case of premises liability, no liability, or shared liability (comparative negligence).

What caused the slip and fall accident?

In a supermarket, dried lettuce on the floor, a smashed grape or a leak from a refrigeration unit may cause a slip and fall. Should the victim have seen the problem? Did the manager have sufficient time to clean up the problem? Was the hazard allowed to exist for a long period of time?

In a department store or big box store, did a fork lift or cart leave a trail of oil that caused the slip and fall? Was debris left in the aisle causing a trip injury? Did a worker pushing a cartful of merchandise fail to see a shopper in the pathway? Our law firm will listen to your story and investigate the circumstances to determine if your have a premises liability case.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident caused by poor maintenance or negligence, our attorneys are ready to talk to you. The initial consultation is free. Our law firm has provided experienced, caring, responsive service in the Merrimack Valley since 1946.