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When an animal attacks, the victim is often a child who cannot fight back and who will have significant physical and psychological injuries. If your child has suffered dog bite injuries, contact a personal injury lawyer at the Finbury, Sullivan law firm in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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When a pit bull, Rottweiler or any other dog or animal attacks someone, the injuries can be extremely serious and require extensive medical and psychological treatment.

Strict liability applies to dog bite injuries.

In New Hampshire and Massachusetts, the first time a dog bites someone, the owner is liable for the damages. There is no need to prove a history of dog bite attacks. There is no “second chance” for the dog. If you have questions about strict liability, talk to a personal injury lawyer at Finbury, Sullivan.

Dog bites and animal attacks cause serious injuries.

A dog bite attack is a frightening experience. The tearing motions and sharp teeth can cause nerve damage, permanent scarring and infection. Worst of all for many victims is the psychological trauma of dog bites. For children or for older victims, the savage memory of dog bites can require extensive therapy. Nerve damage can result in a disfigured face or hands. Scarring can require plastic surgery.

If a dog bit you or your child, know your rights.

Contact a personal injury attorney experienced with dog bite attacks. At our law firm, we understand the seriousness of your injuries, and we will work for the settlement you need to recover. It is not your fault or your child’s fault, no matter what a dog owner or an insurance company may try to tell you. The dog’s owner is responsible for any damage done.

If you or your child has suffered dog bite injuries, our attorneys are ready to talk to you. The initial consultation is free. Our law firm has provided experienced, caring, responsive service in the Merrimack Valley since 1946.