Why You Need a Paternity Disputes Attorney

Unmarried couples in Massachusetts tend to face paternity disputes when they split. This is because when children are involved in an ending relationship, child support, custody, and visitation agreements come into play. At Finbury & Sullivan, P.C., we have years of experience representing clients in and around Haverhill and helping them understand the aspects associated with child custody law in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Why You Should Hire a Paternity Disputes Attorney

In Massachusetts, paternity is the legal determination of who a child’s biological father is. If you’re dealing with a difficult family situation involving paternity disputes, it’s important to hire a paternity disputes attorney. At Finbury & Sullivan, P.C., we have years of experience and the necessary resources to protect your rights and the rights of your children throughout the entire legal process. We know these issues are sensitive, so we will work with both parties to come to an agreement that works best for all.

About Father’s Rights

In Massachusetts, father’s rights grant visitation rights to any man that is the legally adopted or biological father of a child – as long as they can prove their paternity. If two parents cannot agree on a visitation schedule, then a judge will create one for them. The same applies for mother’s rights. During this hearing, child support can also be determined. To determine a fair amount to be paid to the custodial parent, parents must report their income accurately.

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