Why You Need an OUI Charges Attorney

In Massachusetts, operating under the influence (OUI), or with a blood alcohol content at or above 0.08, is a crime. If you’re charged with OUI, you face devastating consequences. An OUI charges attorney from Finbury & Sullivan, P.C., can help you avoid the harshest penalties, such as license suspension, hefty fines, and jail time. With the help of our highly-rated legal counsel, avoiding a conviction is definitely possible.

OUI Consequences

OUI convictions can follow you your entire life. As such, it is imperative to hire an experienced OUI charges attorney to fight for reduced or dismissed charges. One of the most common penalties of an OUI charge is license suspension. The suspension time will depend on the specifics of your case and/or if you refused to submit to a breathalyzer after your arrest. Following an OUI arrest, you must also attend a pre-trial conference, where you and your OUI charges attorney meet with the prosecutor to establish the first correspondence. You will then have some motion hearings, where we as your lawyer will work hard to get your charges dismissed.

At Finbury & Sullivan, P.C., we are experienced and knowledgeable about the laws associated with operating under the influence. We have handled countless cases like yours throughout Haverhill and know just how emotionally devastating this charge can be. Our experienced legal team can help you address all the details of your case while you focus on moving on with your life.

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