Why You Need a Haverhill Child Custody Attorney By Your Side

Child custody issues can arise with both separated or divorcing parents, becoming a source of conflict between the two parents. Children are the ones who hurt the most in these situations. At Finbury & Sullivan, P.C., our team of child custody attorneys has years of experience working with clients to achieve the most practical and fair child custody arrangements, as well as with assisting them with child custody modifications, grandparent’s rights, and contempt of child custody orders.

Understanding Child Custody Arrangements in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, there are four different types of custody arrangements:

  • Sole Legal Custody: This means that one parent has the right to make all decisions about the child regarding child care, health/medical care, education, and more.
  • Shared Legal Custody: This means that both parents are involved in and responsible for major decisions about the child.
  • Sole Physical Custody: This means that the child lives with one parent and gets reasonable parenting time with the other.
  • Shared Physical Custody: This means that the child lives with each parent for a period of time and has frequent contact with both parents.

Parents can also make their own arrangements between them and draft a legal agreement that defines custody and parenting time with the help of one of our child custody attorneys in Haverhill. The judge will then review this agreement to determine if it’s in the best interest of all parties.

Understanding Child Custody Versus Parenting Time

Parenting time is when a parent who doesn’t have physical custody gets quality time with their child. The parameters of how often they visit, how long they visit, when the visits take place, and more are determined by the agreement we draft for you as your child custody attorney in Haverhill. If you can’t agree on the specifics, the court will decide for you.

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If you’re facing child custody issues in Haverhill, it’s important to contact one of our experienced child custody attorneys as soon as possible. We have the resources and years of experience to represent families in court to get them the fair and amicable results they’re looking for. We also offer free legal consultations where we listen to your case and answer any questions you may have about the legal process. From here, you can decide whether you would like us to represent you as your child custody attorney.

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