Hiring an Alimony Attorney

In Massachusetts, alimony is paid by one spouse (who has the ability to pay) to the other spouse (who is in need of alimony support) for a period of time. Alimony can be requested as part of a complaint for divorce or through a separate request. At Finbury & Sullivan, P.C., our experienced domestic relations attorneys can explain the process to you. Our team of legal professionals have years of experience representing couples with divorce-related matters in and around Haverhill, Massachusetts.

About Spousal Support

The amount payable for alimony or spousal support is a percentage of the differences in incomes and/or earning capabilities of the two parties. The amount of time spousal support paid by the obligator is determined by the court. If the spousal support recipient gives fault-based grounds for divorce in Massachusetts, they may be refused spousal support after the divorce is finalized. A spousal support lawyer can help you understand the guidelines of spousal support in Massachusetts and answer any questions you have about the legal process.

Types of Alimony

There are different types of alimony in the state of Massachusetts, including:

  1. Rehabilitative: This is intended to help a spouse who needs more education or job training to become financially independent. This type of alimony doesn’t exceed five years.
  2. Reimbursement: This is compensation for a spouse who financially supported you while you were completing your education or receiving job training during the marriage. This can be paid as a lump sum payment or over a period of time (usually months).
  3. Transitional: This helps the spouse adjust to a new lifestyle over a short period of time (less than five years).
  4. General: This depends on the length of the marriage and the financial assets of each party, and is generally determined after assets division occurs.

The period of alimony will usually depend on the length of the marriage. However, other factors considered include the age and health of the parties, their income and employment opportunities, contributions during the marriage, marital lifestyle, and other factors the court considers relevant.

Spousal Support Modification

At Finbury & Sullivan, P.C., one of our professional alimony attorneys can help you modify a spousal support order. To do so, you must demonstrate a material change in circumstances, which can occur when either spouse experiences a change in income, employment or employability. Support may be terminated when the recipient spouse cohabitates with someone else or remarries. Our spousal support lawyer team can evaluate your situation and determine whether or not you’re eligible for the termination of spousal support.

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