When someone is injured in a motorcycle collision in Wessex County, it is not uncommon for those injuries to be serious. When a distracted driver hits a person on a motorcycle, all the motorcyclist has to protect themselves with is the protective gear that they are wearing. As a result, a motorcyclist could suffer a spinal cord injury, making them permanently disabled, or a debilitating head injury. The recovery can be lengthy and expensive, adding to the other costs of the accident.

A motorcycle accident occurred recently in East Wareham. The details are sketchy but an injured 40-something year-old motorcyclist was flown from the area in a Boston MedFlight helicopter; the seriousness of his injuries was unknown. There was another vehicle involved in the crash but there was no information on whether the driver was injured or if anyone else was hurt.

Likely law enforcement is conducting an investigation to figure out what happened. If the driver of the vehicle is found at fault for causing the accident, the person could face criminal charges and the motorcyclist could choose to file a civil lawsuit against the motorist to hold them financially responsible for the accident.

Any kind of accident can be expensive and dealing with insurance companies is complicated. One way that an accident victim can find it easier to navigate the system is by obtaining legal counsel. An attorney that is experienced in these kinds of injuries can explain the legal process and help a victim obtain the compensation they need to put their life back on track.

Source: Wareham Week, “Motorcyclist airlifted to hospital after East Wareham accident,” Jaime Rebhan, May 2, 2013