Workers in Massachusetts have the right to go to work without fearing for their safety. To this end, employers have the responsibility of ensuring that the workplace is free from potential safety hazards and that the chance of accidents occurring are minimized as much as possible. They are also responsible for properly training their employees on specific safety guidelines to follow.

An accident that occurred recently on the job may have resulted from faulty equipment. The incident took place at Shady Maple Smorgasbord, an all you can eat buffet, in East Earl Township, Pennsylvania. Two employees were burned when the lid of a fryer came off. One of them was close to the chicken fryer when the lid opened and suffered burns over a large part of her body from the hot oil and steam that came spewing out. The other employee sustained burns to her hands when she went to help the first worker.

The woman who was more badly burned was transported to a medical center via hospital where she is listed in fair condition and is undergoing a full routine of treatment for her burns. The other employee was taken to a community hospital where she was eventually released after receiving treatment for the burns on her hands.

These two employees may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. They would be well advised to speak with an attorney experienced in personal injury and employee law. A lawyer can review their case with them and advise them on the best way to proceed.

Source: Lancaster Online, “UPDATE: Woman recovering from fryer accident at Shady Maple Smorgasbord in East Earl,” Cindy Stauffer, Mar. 17, 2014